Learning Golang: Compiling and running Go programs

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This is part 2 of my journey learning Golang.

Compiling Go programs

An individual Go source file can be compiled with the go build command:

1go build {filename}.go

That will produce an executable binary file if the source’s package is main (see Part 3 for more on packages).

The resulting binary can be executed with this command:



1$ go build main.go
2$ ./main
3Hello World

Running from source

The go run command combines the two previous steps: it builds a binary from a source file and executes it:

1go run {filename}.go

That’s super handy for an interactive workflow during development.


1$ go run main.go
2Hello World

go run does not create a binary in the current folder.


  • go build will compile and produce a binary.
  • go run will compile and run without producing a binary.

This looks like a pretty handy workflow to me. What do you think? How does that compare to your experience with other languages? If you’re a seasoned Go programmer, what would you add to these notes?

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